A music technology graduate student plays guitar with a marimba-playing robot.

Graduate Academic Programs

Graduate Academic Programs

We think about design differently than traditional art and design schools: At Georgia Tech, students learn to use creativity, engineering, and early adoption of technology to improve human experiences.

We use design to solve real-world problems, develop new technologies, anticipate the future of buildings and environments, and change the way people experience art, things, and their immediate surroundings.

Prospective Graduate Students

If you're interested in applying to one of our graduate programs or would like more information, please contact the appropriate School directly.

School of Architecture Graduate Degrees

Master of Architecture

Designated a STEM degree by the Board of Regents of Georgia.

Master of Science in Architecture

High performance buildings, design and health, advanced production, BIS, design computation.

Dual Master

Master of Architecture and Master of City and Regional Planning.

Master of Science in Urban Design

As world population urbanizes at unprecedented speed, urban designers are in demand.

School of Building Construction Graduate Degrees

Master of Real Estate Development

Design and innovative construction, land use regulations, finance, and management.

Master of Science BCFM

Building Construction and Facility Management: STEM, management-based for industry professionals.

Prof. Master's in Occupational Safety and Health

Professional Masters in Occupational Safety and Health (Online) is a BCSP Qualified Academic Program.

City and Regional Planning Graduate Degrees

Master of City and Regional Planning

Planning Accreditation Board-accredited, graduates understand and resolve complex urban planning problems.

Master of Science GIST

Geographic Information Science and Technology: acquisition, management, analysis, dissemination of spatial information.

Master of Science in Global Development

Sustainable development work in governments, private firms, and NGOs in developing countries.

Master of Science in Urban Analytics

Leverages expertise in data analytics to focus on the critical problems facing urban regions.

Dual Degree Programs

MCRP + MS-GIST, MCRP + M.Arch, MCRP + MS/PP, MCRP + MS-CE, and MCRP + Juris Doctor

Industrial Design Graduate Degrees

Master of Science in HCI

Human Computer Interaction (HCI) is an interdisciplinary program which includes an industrial design specialization.

Master of Industrial Design

Our design research-focused program helps students innovate across "new economy" industries.

School of Music Graduate Degrees

Master of Science in Music Technology

Research-based program helps students revolutionize music making, performance, analysis, education, and consumption.

Doctoral Design Degrees


Building Construction

City and Regional Planning

Music Technology


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