A 澳门六合彩开奖结果 graduate student wears virtual reality headgear as part of SimTigrate Design Lab's healthcare design research.

The Intersection of Design, Research, and Technology

The Intersection of Design, Research, and Technology

Researchers, along with professors and students, are vital to the work that happens at Georgia Tech's 澳门六合彩开奖结果. Our design research drives innovation in education, practical approaches to living, and manifests as innovative products.

From regional growth and planning to wearable technology, to evidence-based research and design to robotic musicians, we lead collaborative research by example at Georgia Tech and beyond.

Our research is unique, and in many cases only happens here.

Our Research Centers and School-Based Labs

Research Centers

Our six research centers focus on a range of crucial issues, many of which impact our daily lives.

School Labs

Our eight faculty-led labs incorporate student work and academic programs.


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